Write Way Therapy

Write Way

Through customized writing exercises, we explore our injured, often shameful, and guilt-ridden world of sexuality.

There is no critique. You will not be judged.

Your stories are precious; like you, they are honored and revered.

Reclaim your life. Free your voice. Tell your stories.

Yes, those.

The ones you’d like most to forget.

By exploring your secrets—in a safe space—you get your voice back. You get your power back. And most of all, you get your life back.

Please consider joining me. Group or private sessions are available.


How do sessions work?

Private sessions run 30 minutes and include time for check-in, writing, reading, and reflections. Follow-up writing prompts are also suggested.

Group sessions run between 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the number of group members. The same format of check-in, writing, reading, and reflection time is followed.

Sessions are either by phone or in-person.

What can I expect from a session?

Each session is unique, based on what is active for the participants. Writing prompts are simply the catalyst, you decide how deep you want to go.

Do I have to have previous writing experience?

No. Willingness to write (preferably by hand) is the only requirement.

I don’t remember any sexual abuse or trauma, can I still participate?

Yes, absolutely. Many women don’t recall the specific events of their abuse. Healing insights are still available through writing.

How I came to start Write Way Therapy

I’ve been a journal writer for decades, pouring my heart and soul into pages I rarely reread. I didn’t want to. Those journals were dark, scary places that often held the rants of a demented wild woman.  I wrote to take the pain away. I wrote because I had no one to talk to. I didn’t trust people.

With my journal I could be real. I could be desperate. And occasionally I could be light. My inner workings were safe within the pages of my journals.

Then, in the spring of 2007, while I flipped through the pages of the latest Esalen catalog, an inner voice said, “This one!” I had stopped on a workshop titled Sharing Your Life Story.

When I read the description for the five-day training with Ann Randolph I felt a combination of excitement and dread: “Through improvisation, writing exercises, and group discussion, you will find your authentic voice, along with an honest, organic way to express your truth.”

“Really?” I questioned my inner guidance, “Really. That’s the one.”

In Ann’s class I learned the process we use in Write Way Therapy™: a combination of timed writing exercises, reading (only if you want to), and absolute acceptance.  I felt safe in that container. And, as a direct result, my deepest, darkest secrets showed up—the ones I thought I would take to the grave. Out they came.

Fortunately, a graceful healer also stepped out of the shadows, and my healing journey began: a story recounted in the book Reclaiming Magdalen: A Memoir of Sexual Healing.

During the multi-year process of writing, re-writing and editing my life’s story, I created small groups with other women writers.  We’d all been wounded in some way, and sharing our stories offered both validation and healing. We read, we listened, we cried. We found acceptance, power, and peace.  And best of all, we found our voices.

I believe everyone has access to a “whole” self, a “holy” Self.

If you feel the power of your story calling, then please, join me.