Debra Jean Hawley is available to speak on the following topics at your next event:

Shame Shaman

Writing as Therapy

Healing from Sexual Abuse

Spiritual Hygiene

Workshops offered by Debra include:

Claim Your Voice. Tell Your Story.

Spiritual Hygiene

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Debra’s Bio

Passionate about restoring the sacred feminine to its rightful position of balance with the sacred masculine, Debra has been referred to by many as a “natural shaman.”

She first became interested in spirits and spiritual healing as a young girl.  With family friends who saw ghosts, and a grandfather whose library was filled with esoteric wisdom, otherworldly topics were common place.

“I remember watching the Kathryn Kuhlman television show I Believe in Miracles on a regular basis.  I was fascinated by her laying-on-of-hands and other forms of spiritual healing.  It never occurred to me to question the validity of such gifts.”

As Debra grew older, her interest in spiritual matters deepened. In her twenties she became a formal student of spiritualism, earning an associate minister certification in a Spiritualist church.  In her thirties, her quest for knowledge included Native American shamanic studies before moving eastward to incorporate Hindu and Buddhist philosophies.

By her forties, Debra’s interest returned to the body, including self-care and healing practices such as massage, breath-work, dance, and sound frequencies that support enhanced brain functions.  At this time she began to incorporate her wealth of spiritual practices into her life’s primary focus: healing from sexual abuse.

When Debra reached mid-life, she began the work of writing her story. The result is a courageously candid journey titled Reclaiming Magdalen: A Memoir of Sexual Healing. During this time she also extended her spiritual roots to include the feminine principle, becoming ordained as a minister/priestess of the Temple of Isis.

“Stepping into the role of feminine warrior, I committed myself to a healing journey that oftentimes threatened to destroy me. Armed with three primary weapons—a pen, compassion, and determination—I engaged with the enemies of my soul.”

Deeply committed to the path of healing and restored personal dominion, Debra encourages others who have known the horror of sexual abuse to step onto the path of healing; into their heart; and into their power.

Debra can be found via Facebook, Twitter (@ShameShaman), and LinkedIn.  Her book Reclaiming Magdalen: A Memoir of Sexual Healing is available through online retailers.