Phoenix Goddess Temple

A couple of months ago I was invited to speak at a Sexuality + Consciousness conference that was supposed to be happening this October in Toronto. I say “supposed to” as the gathering has been cancelled due to events I feel I must speak about, even though a part of me questions the wisdom in doing so.

I recognize this reluctance to speak as fear of persecution, precisely what has occurred for thirty brave women and men who formed the Phoenix Goddess Temple, some of whom are still being held in prison, two weeks after the raid.

ABC News story

I don’t know any of the individuals involved. Yet. But they call to my heart, my fury, my courage to stand up and say enough!

I know I’m only one woman who has had her own struggles and questioning about sexuality and reclaiming its sacredness (my forthcoming book, Reclaiming Magdalen: A Memoir of Sexual Healing, details my story), and I know the power of one voice to resonate, to send ripples through the pulsing sphere of our shared life.

Ironically, all this occurred while I was celebrating my 55th birthday in a cave in southern France, communing with the essence of Mary Magdalen, a representation of the Goddess many consider to be the patron saint of prostitution.

For more on the unfolding story from those who support the blessing of sexual wisdom, check out Temple Life Tell-A-Vision You can also offer financial assistance on the same site by clicking the Donate for Legal Defense tab.

May all be blessed with wisdom and love, grace and compassion.