Venus cycles…

On June 12th, Venus began a new 8 year cycle. (Read below for more from Cayelin Castell).
I’m particularly interested in this planet’s journey through the heavens, as I too will be celebrating an 8 year cycle later this summer when I turn 56.
This combination means Venus is especially “up” or influencing for me this year. I also like the fact that I began blogging again, sharing the love if-you-will, on this very day.
Please continue reading for the initial offering of what I’m calling the Best of the Week. In this ongoing series, I’ll be sharing premium content I’ve read from a variety of sources.
June 12, 2012

One way to stay centered and connected to greater meaning and purpose and the transformational intent of this Time is through conscious breathing and intentional blessings.  Conscious breath has had many names in different cultures including prana and chi.


The Druids called it “Awen” (breath of divine inspiration). Awen has three main principles; understanding truth, loving truth; and maintaining truth. Druidic practices include chanting the word “Awen” as a way to open to the flow of inspiration and energy coming from the other worlds and anchoring it more fully in this realm.


Working with the breath and using this Awen Blessing Prayer  may support this process even further…


Blessed be this day
And all it shall bring…
Blessed be this place
And all who are here…
Blessed be all creation
And all that has life…
Blessed be our living and our dying
And our life in the Spirit…
…Spirit of Light and Love
In this and all worlds,
In time and in eternity.
Awen, Awen, Awen
Awen. Fill us with your Light and your Love


Venus rises in the east before the Sun beginning a new 584 day synodic cycle of Venus in Gemini. Venus the symbol of love is rising before the Sun the symbol of light. About a week ago Venus crossed the face of the Sun demonstrating the union of Light and Love and now love is leading the way into the new day… Interestingly this will be the case for approximately the next 260 days.