We Must Keep Meeting Like This

Last week I posted about my newest relationship; the one I’m sharing with the neighborhood Blue Heron.

This past weekend we added a new dimension to our bond…

It was late morning by the time I stepped outside, anxious to settle into the Saturday routine of lounging on the comfy chaise lounge with a good book. Before losing touch with world around me, I surveyed the landscape of my backyard. Deep in appreciation for the expanse of green supplied by Manzanita, Scrub Oak and other low growing trees that cover the hill behind my home, I smiled as my gaze swept closer, taking in the pops of purple, orange, yellow, and pink supplied by summer blooms.

A sense of contentment filled by heart, then radiated out to the world in general.

That’s when my winged friend appeared, flying low, just above the treetops in the area changing from wild to tended. The instant she came into view, she called out hello.


It was the first time she has spoken to me, though I have often uttered, “wow…” as she glides overhead.

She repeated herself several times, even adding in an elongated version: Rock-rok-roookk. According to one bird site this is how these majestic birds greet their partner. Fun.

Later in the day I shared the still fresh in my body/heart experience with a friend. We got to talking about the “medicine” related to Blue Heron’s so I did a quick Google search.

The link I followed led to the Medicine Cards site, a divination system I’ve used for years. In fact, I’ve had my deck of animal cards for so long I didn’t realize it had been expanded from 44 to 52 cards. That’s why I didn’t know this “new” deck includes the Blue Heron as one of its messengers.

On the website is a link to Card Readings. Of course I clicked for a personal card of the day.

Of course I got Blue Heron.

Check it out… what is your message?

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