Continued Curiosity…

As I walked away from the computer yesterday, pondering my focus, the following warning popped into my head:

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Instantly I flashed on a dream from the previous night…
I’m standing in my home, looking out a wall of glass at my backyard. In the center of a large expanse of well-maintained lawn is a mound of dirt. Sticking out from the side of this pile of earth is a tiger’s head.
I’m not terribly alarmed by the site, as I know the cat is dead. I’m more concerned with making arrangements to have the sizable carcass removed. Phone in hand, I’ve dialed “the authorities,” but it’s after-hours and no one is picking up. I tell myself I don’t have to be scared, a dead tiger isn’t going to hurt me… then I notice it twitch. Shit. The tiger isn’t dead; it’s only sleeping.
For some unknown reason—why does logic often vanish in dreams?—I open the sliding glass door and step outside. Unfortunately, my little dog Zoie, slips out with me. That’s when I notice another mound of tigers—three of them—and they’re also awakening.
Of course the dog has to check things out despite me yelling for her to come back. And in that slow-motion dreamscape reality I’m not surprised to see the first tiger pick up my “baby girl” in its mouth. My bravery however does catch my attention.
While one part of my mind is freaking out, the action-oriented part of me simply walks up to the feline, reaches past the massive teeth, and reclaims my uninjured dog.
When first pondering the dream I felt upset and conflicted, even somewhat judgmental as I ran a series of questions through my sleepy brain:
Why was I afraid? I love tigers, though granted, I’ve never had them in my yard in “real” life.
And why did I call animal control, men in uniform, for help? Interestingly, they were off duty. I was on my own.
With a bit of time to reflect, I’ve come to appreciate some of the symbolism:
The tiger didn’t maim me or my dog. In fact, there didn’t seem to be malice emanating from any of the four wild beasts. They were simply “coming to” and beginning to stretch.
I stepped up and came to the “little girl’s” rescue, though now I wonder if there was any danger.
The idea of having my inner tigress back online is both comforting and a bit disturbing. Disturbing because—as I addressed in yesterday’s post—I don’t know what this will cause.
So here I am once again, pondering inquisitiveness… a state of mind that, at least in my case, awakens the cat.

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