A Fairy You Be

Connecting with fairy energy during the girls camp this week sent me diving into my old writings…

Here’s a poem I wrote many years ago that still lightens my heart. Enjoy.

Dance with me
Dance with me
Dance with me dear

We’ll fly far away
We’ll be back in a year

A year is but a short time
in this world far away
Come there with me now
Be happy be gay

It’s springtime, it whispers,
All happy and light
Come play in our realms
of fairy delight.

A princess you shall be there
A Goddess of stone
To know the old lessons
embedded in bones.

Come learn of the lessons
you’ve already been through
Come learn of the lessons
from the fairies in blue.

But a year, I protest,
It just can’t be found
You see to this world
this earth I am bound

Might I come for a moment
to spend a sweet night
of singing and dancing
and merriment light?

One night if you must
and then you will see
what fun you would have
if a fairy you be

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