I awoke this morning from a dream where my thumb hovered over the DRIVE button on the dream car’s dashboard. What led up to this moment had vanished from awareness, all I knew was that I had never pushed this clearly marked button, and was thus a bit hesitant to find out what it would do…
As I pondered this clear indicator—vehicle=body/my life, drive=motion/movement—I recognized I was a bit concerned about pushing a button when I didn’t know for sure what it would cause.
In my waking life, where much time is spent in front of the computer, I’m rarely hesitant about pointing and clicking, exploring the ins and outs of new apps and programs. I love diving-in to discover what will this do?
In my dream analysis, the image was perhaps showing me that I don’t have quite the same level of inquisitiveness when it comes to my life.
Proceed with curiosity… Beware of caution…
I love this saying. It makes me tingle.
So today I’m curious…
I’m going to push that drive button
and see what happens.
Stay tuned…

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