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Author, computer consultant, grandmother, priestess, spiritual healer, writing coach; these are some of the titles worn by Rev. Debra Jean Hawley.

An avid gardener and lover of nature, Debra celebrates life in northern California—nestled among vineyards, wineries, and orchards—with her dog Zoie and the spirit of her cat Rumi.

Her life story titled Reclaiming Magdalen: A Memoir of Sexual Healing, was published in the fall of 2011.

“Telling my story, reaching deep within, has been an incredible journey. When I began the process, I had no idea that writing about my life’s oftentimes wild adventures would become one of the most healing processes I’ve explored to date.”

Debra can be found on Facebook, Twitter (@ShameShaman), or LinkedIn.



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  1. Debra I’m inspired by your courage and authenticity! Yours will be the first memoir I’ve ever read, and I’m a bibliophile :). So glad we connected virtually and will continue for the rest of our days on this path in reclaiming the sacred feminine.

  2. Hello Debra,

    I saw you joined the Shameless website, and decided to check out your own website. Best wishes for your book! I look forward to seeing it.


  3. Great. Knocks me out. Your photo is beautiful, incredible. Your writing profound. Worthy of reading and re-reading and pondering.

    I love you.


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